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January 11, 2009


Welcome to ENGL 1701. Each week, we will be making posts on the blog about our assigned readings. Each student will be expected to make a post of approximately 150-200 words and it will be due an hour before the start of the Tuesday lecture. In addition, I'm asking that everyone responds to at least one blog post before we meet for our discussion section.

Here's some ideas for what to write about:

1)Questions you have about the reading. Did a character act in an unexpected way, did the plot take a turn you didn't anticipate?

2)Compare and contrast the readings. How does our reading of "Beloved" connect with "The Road?" How do "Maus" and "Fun Home" use the graphic novel form to convey different meanings?

3)Connect the readings to your life/educational experience. Look for ways to connect these books of "fiction" to our culture and society. For example, how does "Maus" line up with the way the Holocaust is taught in a history course? Which is more effective?

4)Anything else you can think of! We can use these blogs in a creative/fun way, just make sure to bring up a good discussion point or two that will get our class room discussions going.