February 29, 2008

alcohol-related deaths and unfair punishments

I have a problem with the way some unfortunate alcohol-related deaths have been addressed in the law lately. I have two cases that have made news in the last week that have gotten me a little irritated. The first of which involves the case of Amanda Jax, who died last year celebrating her 21st birthday at bars in Mankato. Jax was found to have had a blood-alcohol level more than 6 times the legal limit to operate a vehicle when she was found the next morning. In the past week, the bar that Jax was at that night and served her the alcohol had it's liquor liscense taken away (link). The second case involves Sean Humphrey,19, a Chaska boy who froze to death last winter attempting to walk home from a party when he was heavily intoxicated (link). In this case, the man who bought the alcohol for the party has been sentenced to 90 days in jail. I will start with this case first. In a statement released by Assistant Prosecutor Michael Wentzell, he said, "If they don't have access to the alcohol then this isn't going to happen." Blame in this case has been very misplaced I feel. I don't know what high school and early college years were like for this person, but for me and everyone else I know, that statement doesn't ring true. If one person declines to buy alcohol for minors, which Wentzell is saying that man should have done, Humphrey and the others would have had a long list of others that would have. When I was in high school, our class had mutliple people we could go to. Some people in our class dated girls and guys that were 21 that we could go to, some had friends or siblings that were over 21, and some had parents that were willing to do it. The bottom line is, one guy telling those kids "no" does not solve the problem, it only delays the time it takes for the kids to get the alcohol buy a few more minutes. To me, it comes down to the individual making the right choices for himself. Humphrey did not have to walk home, he made that decision himself. He did not have to drink as much as he did, he made that decision also. Don't get me wrong, I think what happened to him is very, very sad and I all the sympathy in the world for the friends and family, but I won't believe for one second that if that man had not bought the alcohol, no one else would have and the kids would have never gotten to drink that night. I think anyone who does think that way is really missing the big picture. Punishing that man is a lot like putting a bandaid on a broken leg, it just doesn't solve to problem completely, sorry. In the second case, Jax's family has sued the bar for their daughter's death, saying they should have cut her off. Again, the decision to drink and order those drinks falls on the individual. She didn't have to keep drinking. And how is the bartender supposed to keep track of how many drinks she has? Speaking for someone who has been at that bar, its pretty crowded. It's next to impossible to keep and exact number of drinks pinned to one person. So I'm not gonna sit around and let people try and convince me that the bartender is responsible for the death in some way. I think as a person, you reach a point in your life were you need to take responsibility for your own actions, and stop placing the blame on others. Once you reach a certain age, you can't rely on someone else to change your diapers forever. Eventually, you gotten make your own dinner, do your own laundry. Once again, not that the situation is not extremely sad. It always is when a young person dies from drinking. As a college-aged person, hearing about it always puts a different perspective on life. I'm just sick of hearing the wrong people getting blamed for other people's mistakes.

February 27, 2008

Gophers probably do not deserve tourney bid

It's hard to see this Gopher's men's basketball team being deserving of a spot in the field of 65 in two weeks when selection sunday rolls around. Sure they will likely end up with around 18 wins, a huge turnaround from last season's embarrassment of a team, but this is just not a tournament-ready team. This team, despite the current 17 wins, has not beaten a ranked team or a team that will likely make the NCAA Tournament. There only quality wins are over teams that are further down then them. The only way it will happen, other than somehow winning the Big Ten Tournament, would be to win out the final 3 games of the regular season, and get at least a win and a close loss in the conference tourney. Even then it would be close. But this isn't likely to happen anyway, considering the three remaining games are against Ohio State, Illinois and Indiana. The Gophers are qutie frankly more likely to lose out rather than win out. Granted Tubby Smith is a fantastic coach, one of the best in the country, but he's not a miracle worker. He should be applauded for even getting 17 wins out of this team, that in reality probably only has about 12-win talent. If Purdue's Matt Painter wasn't the the clear deserving choice for coach-of-the-year in the conference, Smith would be a shoe-in. Maybe next year, when he has some of his own recruits to enjoy.

February 26, 2008

Clemens hardly believable

Is it just me, or is Roger Clemens just seeming so completely unbelievable in his testimony in Washington against former trainer Brian McNamee. To believe Clemens, it would mean that I would have to disbelieve McNamee, who really has no reason to lie in the first place about this, and Andy Pettite, since apparantley, according to Clemens, they "misremember." Ya, just like I "misremember" if I was at class yesterday and who was there also. Clemens believes it is unfair that he has beened tried as guilty in the court of public opinion, but in reality, with the major scandals that have surfaced lately, we have every reason not to believe him. Marion Jones told us she never used performance-enhancing drugs, and has obviously since admitted otherwise. Rafeal Palmerio waved his finger in front of congress and told them "I have never used performance-enhancing drugs, period." That worked well for him, considering he was suspended for steriods months later, and hasn't really been seen since. Face it Roger, no one will believe you in the court of public opinion until you can change that trend, which I don't believe you can do. Roger is likely now looking at a possible indictment for perjury stemming form his testimony earlier this month. This, Roger, means that Congress really didn't buy into your claim either. And it will be quite difficult to change my mind on this topic until a court tells me otherwise, considering I never thought he was clean years before the Mitchell Report was released. When talk surfaced about Barry Bonds and BALCO many years ago, I always said that he still belonged in the Hall of Fame, because I don't believe that the pitchers that were pitching to him were clean either. And with Pettite's and likely Clemens' use, clearly I think I was right about that.

Troy Williamson Era in Minnesota has finally come to an end

With yesterday's news that Vikings wide reciever Troy Williamson had reached an agreement with the Jacksonville Jaguars about a trade, the era of Vikings fans watching catchable passes fall to the ground after hitting recievers in hands has apparantly come to an end. After his pathetic display this past season, including 2 terrible drops in the season finale, this should come as a blessing to all Purple fans. I can only hope that a change of scenery can help reguvinate his young career. Maybe he can have a career as returner... then again, he needs to catch a ball there too. But you never know, stranger things have happened, like the Giants winning the Super Bowl for one. I don't know who will be signed or drafted by the team to replace Williamson, but all I know is he should be able to catch the ball better. Than again, Bryant McKinnie could probably catch better. After all, he seemed to handle the bouncer at the Miami night club pretty well. (OK cheap shot). While on the topic of McKinnie, expect him to sit out more than a couple games this upcoming season for his incident. If the Vikes don't suspend him, NFL commisioner Roger Goodell surely will crack his whip on him. I can't help but wonder if this isn't the beginning of the end for McKinnie as a Viking either. With Vikings owner Zygi Wilf cleaning house lately of all character-problem players, such as Dwight Smith, I can't see McKinnie lasting too much longer in purple. After all this isn't his first brush with the law, since he was one of the 4 prominemt players identified in the "sex boat" scandal. I look at this as a good and bad thing. McKinnie certainly is one of the top run blocking tackles in the game, and with Chad Hutchinson and Matt Birk at his side, the left side of the line is excellent. But pass blocking, McKInnie is possibly the laziest tackle I have ever seen play the game. He gets beat more times than any high-caliber tackle I have ever seen. Maybe it's time for a change at left tackle, maybe not. I guess that is up to Wilf to decide if McKinnie is worth the off-the-field trouble.

My NBA Report

A lot has been happening in the past month and half in the NBA so there is a lot that needs to be covered. Obviously, I think the best place to start would be in the Western Conference, which is actually extremely intriguing for the first time in a long time. Whether than just having 3 teams running away with the conference every year like it has been pretty much since the turn of the century, there are about 9 teams within shouting distance of the top spot in the west. The Rockets may have to be written off with todays news of Yao Ming's stress fracture that will keep him sidelined the remained of the season. I just can't picture T-Mac leading that team into the playoffs even by himself, especially when the team has already reached its peak where they are at right now. Houston won't play better the rest of the year than they have in the month of February, and unfortunately, they will likely be the odd-team out when April rolls around.

But which teams will emerge with the top 4 seeds in the conference and get the all-important home-court advantage for the first round. With the addition of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum on his way back, the Lakers have clearly asserted themselves as one of those 4 teams. Kobe is back to being the best player in the league, after the past couple seasons where I have been on record saying he wasn't, and Dwayne Wade was. With Wade's injury-prone last year, and Kobe's play as-of-late, Kobe has reclaimed that right from Wade, for the time being anyway. Jason Kidd has sparked the Mavericks team that seamed to be in need of a spark. Kidd gives them experience down the stretch and a reliable option to work with the tandum of Nowitzki, Howard and Terry. The Mavs should be a force in the coming months (as long as they can avoid Golden State in the playoffs). I'm still not gonna count out the champs, because, quite frankly, they don't deserve to be. The still have Duncan, Mr. Eva Longoria and Manu. The addition of Kurt Thomas should make them tougher in the middle and give them some added muscle to go against the Lakers and Suns. The last spot I'm tossing between 2 teams at the moment. I like the way the Hornets are playing all year, and Chris Paul is without a doubt the MVP runner-up in my books, behind KG. The Suns still have a great team, even with the addition of the big fella. Shaq has opened up a lot more for Amare to be Amare, and now the Suns have someone in the middle to go to when San Antonio and other teams slow them down. At the moment, I'm gonna give the last spot to Phoenix, but that could change.

Now to the minor leagues, I mean the East. There are about 2 and a half teams over there that could maybe do some damage in the post-season. And actually, I could see either those teams winning a title this year, simply because they will have to go through chumps like Phily and Washington to get to the Finals, and can basically hit cruise control until the Eastern Conference Championship and let the West beat-up on themselves. More than likely, Boston and Detroit will earn to top 2 seeds since they are clearly the class of the field in the East, and the Cavs are OK. We'll see how they work with Big Ben and Wally's world. But look at it this way, say the Lakers end up emerging from the West as Champs and the Celtics emerge out of the East (dream match-up for Stern huh). The Lakers will likely play no series that go less than 6 games, while the Celtics would probably pull a sweep or two. And we've all seen over the past couple years how far the Suns fell deep in the playoffs when being taken into deep series by the Lakers, Clippers and Spurs. A fresh KG and Co. just might have enough to beat the class of the West.

February 2, 2008

Super Bowl pick

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Meaning It's the last chance to watch actual football until the end of August since Arena football doesn't really count. We've had 2 weeks to prepare, everyone knows the storylines of the game so there's no need for me to reiterate them. Everyone knows about the potential for 19-0, spygate, bootgate, Plaxico's prediction, Randy's restraining order and all the rest. But know it comes down to the simple question. Who ya got? Pats or G-Men? New England opened up as 14-point favorites 2 weeks ago upon beating the Chargers for the AFC Championship, and that spread has not gotta much smaller since then. Is it just me or does that seem like a really wide margin considering the Giants almost beat the Pats a little over a month ago now?

But, whether it seems like it or not, unfortunately, I do agree with it. I'm picking the Patriots to win by a score of 38-23. Brady's focused, had 2 weeks to rest, and the Pats are as motivated as ever to finish this thing off. So for all those Giants fans hoping Boston will stop haunting your city just as they have for the past few years, keep hoping, because it's only going to get worse tomorrow. There will be no need for the Boston Globe to cancel the 19-0 books that are already being printed and no need for Patriots' owner Robert Kraft to cancel his trademark on the '19-0.' It's going to happen, whether you want it to or not. This team is too good, and the Giants really are outmatched here. This will also be the worst secondary New England will have faced in the playoffs, and Brady will not be repeating his dreadful performance of 2 weeks ago.

So there you have it. My chance to go 7-0 in predicting the final 3 playoff weeks of the season rests on the greatest team ever completely their unbeaten season. I like my chances.

My MVP pick for the game is... surprise, surprise, Tom Brady. Although, if Brady does not win it, look for Wes Welker, Kevin Faulk or Laurence Maroney to pick up that award.

January 30, 2008

Johan is gone from Minnesota

So now that it's been 24 hours since news of Johan Santana being delt to New York (and not the Yankees), I've had some time to let the trade digest so I can try to make sense of the deal. But, sadly, I still am at the same loss of logic that I was around 4 O'clock yesterday when I first heard the deal. When I saw the story scroll across the bottomline on ESPN as breaking news, my initial reaction was, "We traded Santana for who?" And that is still where I stand today. I can't believe that the BEST pitcher in the game today was traded, in the prime of his career, for a handful of prospects that no one outside of Queens had ever heard of. I can't help but wonder what happened to the Boston and Yankees deals? I would glady take Ellsbury, Lester or Cabrera alone rather than this deal. Not one of those prospects are considered 'can't miss,' so where's the intrigue in the Mets deal? I realize that signing Santana to a deal here in the Twin Cities wasn't going to happen, considering he already shot down the $20 million per year offer. But come on, this is probably the most lopsided trade in sports since Shaq was sent to South Beach for Lamar Odom and other players no one remembers (except for Caron Butler, who has actually done well after leaving La La Land). All that happened in Miami, until this year when Shaq suddenly began playing like he's 70, was they got a Championship out of it. But, now that the deal is basically complete, and we are just waiting for the T's to get crossed and the I's to get dotted, I can't help but wonder how much money Santana will collect from the Mets. After Zito's contract with 'Frisco, how the best pitcher in baseball, let alone the best left-handed pitcher, not get the richest deal a pitcher has ever seen. I would expect A-Rod-type dollars for Johan. I just can't help not sitting here at a loss wondering how we could trade Johan for 4 players that cannot help the team at all next year, and maybe not ever. Sure the Twins have a great track record for making the right deals, but all streaks come to an end eventually (and no that was not an indication that I think New England will lose in the Super Bowl).

January 19, 2008

Predictions for Conference Championship games

I might as well start in the AFC, with the Patriots/Chargers matchup. I'm picking the Pats here to win, fairly easily. I will take the Pats over the Chargers 27-14. With the Chargers beat up from their game against the Colts last weekend, I can't pick a Chargers team that got clobbered by New England earlier this season to go up to Foxboro without a healty Philip Rivers, LT & Antonio Gates. Turner is a great backup to LT, sure, but you can't tell me Billy Volek or a not-100% Philip Rivers is gonna go into New England and knock off Brady at home, where he has never lost in the playoffs. Moss also plays his best coming off of a controversy, I expect him and Brady to hook up for at least one score in the first quarter. Pats roll in this one.

Now to the NFC. Could the NFL ask for a better storyline for a Superbowl? The goliath Patriots going up against the huge underdog Packers, led by America's favorite quarterback Brett Favre. Talk about a ratings stranglehold for The League. Unfortunately, it never has a way of working out like that for the NFL. Just ask the Saints last year when they were supposed to go face the Colts. Or ask Peyton Manning all those years everyone wanted to see him in the big game, until he met someone named Tom Brady year after year. This year I'm seeing much of the same thing happening. Im picking the New York football Giants in an upset over the Packers. While Im sure some will accuse that of being a pick based on me hating Green Bay by birth rites, seeing as I am from Minnesota where it is state law to hate the Pack and everything related to our eastern neighbors, but this really is not the case. Let the record show I did pick the Packers to win the NFC Norht at the beginning of the season, and predicted a beatdown last week against Seattle. I just see the end of the line for the fairytale season this week. The Giants are hotter, almost unbeatable on the road, and have the style to knock Brett Favre around. The cold, frigid temps at game time favor the pounding style of the G-men more than the Packers. Ryan Grant should see more carries than normal, but it will still be on Brett Favre to carry the load. And with the Giants having the best pass rush the Pack has seen since, hmm, the Bears and Cowboys (both losses), Favre will see a full day of Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora. And the last time these two teams matched up, the outcome may have been a little misrepresented. The game was 14-13 Packers heading into the fourth, before Favre and Co. put up a TD to make it 21-13. Not neccessarily time to sing just yet, but when the ensuing kick return is fumbled by Bradshaw, the Packers but up another score to make it 28-13, and out-of-reach to the G-men. Giants out for revenge in this one, I'm taking New York to walk into the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field and upset the Packers 24-20.

January 13, 2008

Campbell and others out-of-line with comments on Patriots

All season I've heard people critizing the New England Patriots for the incident in week 1 of this season known as "spygate." Recently, Earl Campbell announced his feelings on the matter.

"I think if I was the commissioner, I would fire him," Campbell said. "And I'd also fix it so he couldn't coach in the NFL anymore. And those teams that played (and won three Super Bowls), I'd consider that a tie. The other teams would get a ring, too." He later went on to say that there should be an asterisk next to the Patriots 16-0 regular season record and the Super Bowl this season if they happen to complete the 19-0 season.

Let me just start by saying how much I like and respect Campbell as a player, but here I think he is so off-base with his comments that it's not really even funny.

To say that New England's three Super Bowls should be discredited is absurd. New England was caught, and penalized, THIS YEAR. Had they been caught six years ago doing this, I would maybe listen to an argument for this. But they weren't. You cannot just catch someone for something and punish their past because they MIGHT have done it in the past.

As far as this seasons 16-0 record being given an asterisk, that is even more absurd to me. First of all, I don't think there is anyone in the world that believes that Jets, who were the worst team in the division not named the Dolphins, would have beaten the Patriots if NE had not taped them. The Jets stink. They were never going to win that game, probably not even if Mangini was the one taping the Pats. Then, under the watchful eyes of the NFL the rest of the season, with Goodell looking on carefully to make sure NE isn't continuing that practice, guess what...THEY STILL WON. They have been 16-0 since the spygate game, including Saturday's victory over Jacksonville. Obviously the incident of taping an oppenent really didn't mean that much the Belichick and the Patriots success, considering not only have they won every game since the incident, they have thoroughly dominated half of those teams. many of those 16 victories were over before halftime. And the Pats won all the close games they were in too, such as Philiadelphia, Baltimore, NY Giants, Jacksonville, etc. Dominated a weak oppenent is one thing, but you can always tell the truly great teams by their ability to win the close games. If those tapes really meant the world to New England's success over the past decade, then why haven't they fallen off after getting that "advantage" taken away? Why are they playing EVEN BETTER, and never losing, since it happened? I'll tell you why. BECAUSE IT DIDN'T MATTER. That team is as good as they are because Brady is simply that good, because Belichick is simply that good, and their ownership and front office are simply that good at running the team and finding the right players. Having Randy Moss really isn't even an excuse any more. The Patriots beat the Jaguars, who were annoited as the team of destiny that was going to knock off the mighty Patriots, with Randy Moss having just ONE RECEPTION. Just one, and the Pats still won.

I have heard enough of this garbage saying the Pats deserve an asterisk, or to have the Super Bowl trophies taken away, or even the Belichick should be canned and banned from the NFL like he's Pete Rose. That is pure garbage and anyone who is thinking like that is insane.

Cowboys beaten by Giants

This is the first entry of my new blog. The blog will still be news, but now it will more focused on my opinions on the news rather than just the facts.

Now that the NFC Championship game is set and Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants are getting ready for their trip to Green Bay next weekend, I'm sure the focus of discussion this week will be on the team the Giants defeated to take that trip to Wisconsin. That team would be the Cowboys.

All week the only thing anyone heard about was Tony Romo's weekend getaway to Cabo with celebrity girlfriend Jessica Simpson. Romo was basically slammed by everyone in the media other than Katie Couric for his vacation with Simpson. And now that the game is over and Dallas lost, the first headline I read on Yahoo! tonight following the loss read something like "Another Romo mistake costs the Cowboys." The headline was in reference to Romo's interception in the end zone with under one minute to go in the fourth quarter.

I couldn't help but think how completely unfair that was. It seems as though the media was looking for any excuse to blame Romo's trip to Mexico for the loss. As someone who watched the game, it really didn't seem that Romo was very distracted by a few days off soaking up the Cabo sun. Romo played pretty well actually. Romo was not the reason the Cowboys lost this game. As Terrell Owens said after the game, "we lost as a team." Owens is 100% right here. You win as a team and you lose as a team. And give credit to Owens too. Owens publicly stood up for his quarterback when he knew Romo was being wronged. After being critized for throwing Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb under the bus, Owens has so far been a model teammate in Dallas, and continued to show it Sunday.

But no, if those who are looking to slam Tony Romo for the 'Boys loss, maybe you should pay a little more attention to the game and see what really lost the game. How about penalties? Dallas was flagged ELEVEN times in the game, while the Giants were penalized only three times. Or how about dropped passes? With around one minute to go in the third quarter, Romo scrambled around and put a very difficult through right on the money to Patrick Crayton. The only problem was, Crayton forget to actually catch the pass. I believe this was really the defining moment in the game. The play was on 3rd down, forcing Dallas to punt following the drop, and Crayton would not only have had the first down with the reception, but would have been able to run for about seven years with the open field he had in front of him. On the punt, Giants returner R.W. McQuarters returned the punt into Cowboys territory, resulting in a touchdown scoring drive capped off with Brandon Jacobs punching it in from the goalline and expressing his displeasure with the playclock in the back of the endzone.

Even the stat column was in favor of 'Big D'. The cowboys domintated the Giants running the football with Marion Barber III, who had over 100 yards in the first half. Dallas put up more total yardage offensively than the Giants, they had more time of possession than the Giants, they picked up more yards per carry than NY, they were more efficient on 3rd down than the G-Men, and they picked up more first downs than Eli and his crew.

So far all of those Romo-haters looking to throw him under the bus for Dallas's loss, shut up! Romo is not to blame, Jessica Simpson is not to blame, and his weekend getaway with Simpson is not the culprit. They just lost. And last time I checked, tight end Jason Witten was with Romo in Mexico, and nobody questioned his focus on the game. Witten also played well Sunday, just for the record.

December 9, 2007

Tim Tebow becomes first underclassman to win Heisman Trophy

Florida’s sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow became the first underclassman in college football history to win the Heisman Trophy Saturday night in New York.

Tebow collected 1,957 total points, including 462 first place votes. Arkansas’ Darren McFadden finished second in the voting for the second consecutive year with 1,703 votes. Hawaii’s Colt Brennan and Missouri’s Chase Daniel finished third and fourth in the voting.

"It's surreal a little bit," Tebow said, according to the Associated Press. "It's just overwhelming."

Tebow set records for his performance on the field this season, which helped propel him to the Heisman Trophy.

Tebow became the first player in college football history to throw and rush for 20 touchdowns. Tebow, a quarterback, also rushed for more touchdowns than any Heisman winning running back has. According to the Kansas City Star, Tebow’s 22 rushing touchdowns is also a Southeastern Conference record.

Tebow also became the third player from the University of Florida to win the award. Steve Spurrier won the Heisman Trophy in 1966 and Danny Wuerffel in 1996.

Canadian farmer found guilty of murder in serial killings

A 58-year-old Canadian man was convicted Sunday in the killing of six women.

Robert Pickton, a pig farmer in British Columbia, still faces the possibility of being convicted for the murders of 20 other women, according to the Associated Press.

According to the Associated Press, the conviction carries an automatic life sentence.

According to Reuters, it could be easier for Pickton to be granted parole, because he was only charged for second-degree murder because the jury felt the killings were not planned.

Pickton is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday.

Eden Prairie department store evacuated after threat

A department store in Eden Prairie closed two hours early Saturday night after a threatening phone call was made to the store, according to store spokesman.

According to the Associated Press, the call was made around 7 p.m. Saturday at the Von Maur store and customers were asked to leave immediately following the call.

According to KARE11, the decision to close early was entirely the stores decision after said that no one was ever in any real danger.

According to the Associated Press, Eden Prairie police called the incident a “suspicious incident.?

The threatening call came just three days after nine people were killed in a shooting at an Omaha, Nebraska Von Maur.

December 6, 2007

Gunman kills eight people then himself at Omaha mall

A 19-year-old gunman shot and killed six employees and two customers in a department store at an Omaha mall Wednesday before turning the gun on himself.

Robert Hawkins, of Bellevue, Nebraska, walked into the department store and looked around before leaving and returning a few minutes later carrying an AK-47 to begin his shooting rampage, according to CNN.

According to FOX News, Hawkins reentered the store and took the elevator to the third floor where he began shooting.

Five others were injured in the shooting, two of those people critically, reported hospital officials, according to CNN.

Hawkins had recently broken up with his girlfriend and been fired from his job at McDonald’s, according to his Debora Maraca-Kovac, who Hawkins had been living with.

According to FOX News, Hawkins left a suicide note and called Maraca-Kovac just before the shooting to say he was sorry.

The note he left read, “Now I’ll be famous.?

December 4, 2007

2 TCF Banks robbed

A TCF Bank in Roseville and a TCF Bank in Maplewood were robbed within a span of minutes Monday, according to the Minneapolis office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, reports WCCO.

The robberies were both done by different suspects. They are believed to be connected though, according to WCCO, and were done in similar methods.

According to KARE11, both robberies were done by a person approaching the teller and handing a threatening note demanding money.

The robber at the Roseville location is described as a black woman, with a dark complexion and round face. She was also described as to be in her mid to late 20s, about 5'0 to 5'2" tall, with a heavy-set build.

According to WCCO, the suspects are believed also to be connected to previous bank robberies in November.