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Minnesota’s Attorney General files lawsuit against Sprint

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson filed a lawsuit against Sprint Nextel Corp. Thursday alleging the company of deceiving customers.

The lawsuit claims that Sprint Nextel Corp. renewed the contracts of their customers without consent of those customers, according to Swanson. According to the Associated Press, those customers where then told they would have to pay an expensive cancellation fee on contracts that were supposed to be expired, reports WCCO.

Swanson is seeking penalties of up to $25,000 per incident for those involved in the situation, according to FOX9.

"The company has used hidden trip wires to trap unwary consumers into lengthy contracts simply because they made small changes in their plan," Swanson said.

Sprint Nextel Corp. issued a response, according to KSTP, saying, “It is Sprint Nextel’s policy to go over the contract with the customer so that they understand all aspects of it before agreed to or before the customer-initiated changes are made to the account.?


Sprint has entered me into a contract without notification a year after my original 2yr contract was completed. Furthermore they have not provided me with the agreed service because they gave me a North Carolina # when I live in PA. They keep billing me!