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Wipha hits shore in eastern China

Typhoon Wipha hit land on the east shore in China on Wednesday morning local time, just south of Shanghai. Authorities in China evacuated close to two million people from the area, according to the Associated Press, after experts determined the storm could be the worst in a decade for the area.

Typhoon Winnie was the deadliest storm in recent memory for China, which killed 236 people in 1997, according to BBC.
Shanghai closed all means of public transportation and schools after warnings of the possible severity of the Wipha. According to Al Jazeera, there have been no injuries or reports of damage made yet.

The Women’s World Cup soccer tournament, taking place in Shanghai, also postponed several matches due to Wipha, according to the AFP, reports Yahoo! Sports.

The winds could potentially carry speeds of around 120 miles/hour, according to BBC.