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Radiohead releases new album with new sales approach

U.K. rock band Radiohead released their new album Wednesday with an unusual approach to selling it - letting the fans decide how much they want to pay for it.

The album In Rainbows, which is the band’s seventh studio album, is only available on the band’s website, displays the text “It’s up to you? at the price screen. Fans can choose to pay nothing for the album, and anywhere up to £99.00.

The album will not be released in stores on made available through Apple’s iTunes. However, a physical copy of the album is made available for order on the band’s website that is shipped to fans in December.

This new approach, according to the Washington Post, could compel fans to distance themselves from illegal downloading and instead pay the band what they feel their music really is worth.

According to BBC, the average cost for an album in the U.K. is about £8.92. It remains to be seen whether the experiment by the band is a success or a failure.