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Trial of Recording Industry Association of America against Brainerd girl begins

The Recording Industry Association of America began their lawsuit in Duluth against a Brainerd girl Tuesday, alleging her of illegally sharing music files over the internet.

Jammie Thomas is being held responsible for illegally downloading and distributing about 1,700 songs from the website KaZaA, according to the Star Tribune. The recording industry is not pursuing damages for the songs downloaded, but are going after about $150,000 for copyright infringement.

Thomas is the first of more than 26,000 people to take a lawsuit for illegal downloading to trial rather than settling out of court, reports the Star Tribune.

“It kills the company,? Jennifer L. Pariser of Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Artist Records said, according to the Duluth News Tribune.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, Thomas denies downloading any of the songs, and says that the music she listens to is from he CD’s. According to the Star Tribune, Thomas’s lawyer says that anyone could have stolen her computer internet IP address and done it from another computer, and that there is no evidence that Thomas did in fact download the songs herself.