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Two UND students killed in plane crash

Two students at the University of North Dakota were killed when their plane disappeared on Tuesday night en route to Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The plane was found late Wednesday night, according to KARE 11, near Browerville, Minnesota.

The pilot was Annette Klosterman, 22, from Seattle. She was a flight instructor at UND. The other victim was Adam Ostapenko, 20, from Duluth, Minn. He was a junior aviation student at UND.

"They're both exceptional individuals so we're really feeling that loss," said UND spokesperson Peter Johnson, according to KARE 11.

The plane left St. Paul around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Associated Press, and disappeared about halfway through the trip.

The NTSB is investigating the cause of the crash, which is not known at this time.


It’s really sad to hear when something like this happens. My hear goes out to the families of the instructor and student.

The aviation fraternity here mourns the loss of two aviators.