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Wildfires force evacuations in Southern California

More than ten uncontained wildfires spread across Southern California Monday after strong desert winds helped spread the fire. The blaze began over the weekend.

More than 265,000 people had been evacuated in areas stretching from San Diego to Malibu, according to fire officials, according to CNN.

“Law enforcement came barreling in with police cars with loudspeakers telling everyone to get out now," said Ronnie Leigh, 55, who fled from her home from the fires.

A total of 13 active wildfires have destroyed almost 100,000 acres of land, reports the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention, according to CNN.

According to FOX news, almost 130 homes were destroyed by the fires in the Lake Mountain resort area located east of Los Angeles.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in seven Southern California counties Monday. “It's a tragic time for California,? Schwarzenegger said.