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Workers at JFK airport busted for smuggling drugs

Federal prosecutors arrested 18 workers at John F. Kennedy International Airport Tuesday and charged with helping drug traffickers smuggle heroine and cocaine through the airport, according to authorities.

Airport workers in the Dominican Republic would hide the drugs in luggage that would be sent to New York, where the workers there would set them aside safely so they would not be inspected, according to prosecutors.

Of the 18 workers charged, ten work at JFK Airport, seven of which work with Delta and one with American Airlines, according to CNN.

According to authorities, the illegal operation was being headed by Henry Polanco, 31. Polanco ran the business by starting with the workers in the Dominican Republic and depended on his crew of people at JFK Airport to make sure the baggage went undetected by officials at the airport, reports FOX news.

Polanco, among others, face a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $4 million fine if found guilty on the charge of conspiracy to import a controlled substance, according to FOX news.