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Texas man breaks his own bizarre record

A Texas man sat in a bathtub with 87 rattlesnakes Monday for 45 minutes, all to break his previous record set in 1999 by 12 snakes.

Jackie Bibby, who is known as the “Texas Snake Man,? had the record certified by Guinness World Record officials Monday.

"The key to not biting is for me to stay still,? Bibby said, according to the Associated Press. “Rapid movement scares a rattlesnake. If you move real slow and gentle, that doesn't seem to bother them."

According to the Associated Press, no snakes bit Bibby, despite them crawling under his arms and between his legs.

Bibby is no stranger to setting unique records with snakes. BBC reports that he set another record in 2006 for holding 10 rattlesnakes by their tails in his mouth.

"I have set several world records in that bathtub," Bibby said, according to the Associated Press.