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Gunman kills eight people then himself at Omaha mall

A 19-year-old gunman shot and killed six employees and two customers in a department store at an Omaha mall Wednesday before turning the gun on himself.

Robert Hawkins, of Bellevue, Nebraska, walked into the department store and looked around before leaving and returning a few minutes later carrying an AK-47 to begin his shooting rampage, according to CNN.

According to FOX News, Hawkins reentered the store and took the elevator to the third floor where he began shooting.

Five others were injured in the shooting, two of those people critically, reported hospital officials, according to CNN.

Hawkins had recently broken up with his girlfriend and been fired from his job at McDonald’s, according to his Debora Maraca-Kovac, who Hawkins had been living with.

According to FOX News, Hawkins left a suicide note and called Maraca-Kovac just before the shooting to say he was sorry.

The note he left read, “Now I’ll be famous.?