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Cowboys beaten by Giants

This is the first entry of my new blog. The blog will still be news, but now it will more focused on my opinions on the news rather than just the facts.

Now that the NFC Championship game is set and Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants are getting ready for their trip to Green Bay next weekend, I'm sure the focus of discussion this week will be on the team the Giants defeated to take that trip to Wisconsin. That team would be the Cowboys.

All week the only thing anyone heard about was Tony Romo's weekend getaway to Cabo with celebrity girlfriend Jessica Simpson. Romo was basically slammed by everyone in the media other than Katie Couric for his vacation with Simpson. And now that the game is over and Dallas lost, the first headline I read on Yahoo! tonight following the loss read something like "Another Romo mistake costs the Cowboys." The headline was in reference to Romo's interception in the end zone with under one minute to go in the fourth quarter.

I couldn't help but think how completely unfair that was. It seems as though the media was looking for any excuse to blame Romo's trip to Mexico for the loss. As someone who watched the game, it really didn't seem that Romo was very distracted by a few days off soaking up the Cabo sun. Romo played pretty well actually. Romo was not the reason the Cowboys lost this game. As Terrell Owens said after the game, "we lost as a team." Owens is 100% right here. You win as a team and you lose as a team. And give credit to Owens too. Owens publicly stood up for his quarterback when he knew Romo was being wronged. After being critized for throwing Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb under the bus, Owens has so far been a model teammate in Dallas, and continued to show it Sunday.

But no, if those who are looking to slam Tony Romo for the 'Boys loss, maybe you should pay a little more attention to the game and see what really lost the game. How about penalties? Dallas was flagged ELEVEN times in the game, while the Giants were penalized only three times. Or how about dropped passes? With around one minute to go in the third quarter, Romo scrambled around and put a very difficult through right on the money to Patrick Crayton. The only problem was, Crayton forget to actually catch the pass. I believe this was really the defining moment in the game. The play was on 3rd down, forcing Dallas to punt following the drop, and Crayton would not only have had the first down with the reception, but would have been able to run for about seven years with the open field he had in front of him. On the punt, Giants returner R.W. McQuarters returned the punt into Cowboys territory, resulting in a touchdown scoring drive capped off with Brandon Jacobs punching it in from the goalline and expressing his displeasure with the playclock in the back of the endzone.

Even the stat column was in favor of 'Big D'. The cowboys domintated the Giants running the football with Marion Barber III, who had over 100 yards in the first half. Dallas put up more total yardage offensively than the Giants, they had more time of possession than the Giants, they picked up more yards per carry than NY, they were more efficient on 3rd down than the G-Men, and they picked up more first downs than Eli and his crew.

So far all of those Romo-haters looking to throw him under the bus for Dallas's loss, shut up! Romo is not to blame, Jessica Simpson is not to blame, and his weekend getaway with Simpson is not the culprit. They just lost. And last time I checked, tight end Jason Witten was with Romo in Mexico, and nobody questioned his focus on the game. Witten also played well Sunday, just for the record.