April 6, 2008



When I arrived to the NE MN Charter School there was one student eager to get some help. I was there for a couple hours with another tutor helping out this student and no others came in. It would be nice to get some more students in there, but I understand they can't force them.

This experience, so far, has been really great. My nerves are gone and I feel comfortable helping the student(s). Takara informed us that next week the students will going on a field trip and that we do not need to come in. The week after the students will be preparing for one of their big exams and that there should be a few more students wanting some help.

March 24, 2008



Today was my thrid week of tutoring. I arrived at 11ish and no one was there. No students, no Takara. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to ask the teachers to send some students or if I should just wait...while I was debating another volunteer showed up a few minutes later and he said that we should just wait for students. Takara came in and recruited one student for us to help with his basic math skills. The rest of the time there no one else came in to get help.



This is the second time of volunteering at the Charter School in North Minneapolis. When I arrived I signed in and went upstairs to the tutoring room. As I walked in I was amazed on how many students were there. At first it was a bit overwhelming considering this was going to be my first time tutoring. Takara wasn't around and I was a bit confused on what to do. There was about 10 students in the room and one other volunteer. I tried asking him who needed help but he was overwhelmed as well. I talked to a couple students who needed help with basic skills math and tried the best I could to help them. There were about 3 students sitting in the corner laughing and disturbing everyone else that really wanted help. I was confused on why they were in there if they didn't want to be. All they were doing was being loud and distracting the others. They would leave the room and get sent back in by one of the faculty members and then just keep distracting the others. I know from personal experience that if I have someone being loud and obnoxious that it hard to study or get help which is disappointing.

I know Takara said that she would be there sometimes and other times she might not but I felt just kind of thrown into this without knowing what to really do (considering it was my first time there with students) and having questions that couldn't be answered. After the first half hour went by I was fine and felt comfortable and I'm not saying that I needed my hand held the first day but maybe just some guidence for the first 15 minutes would have been helpful.

All in all, the last hour I helped a girl working on basics skills for the math exam and we worked well together. We worked with whole numbers, percentages and intergers. Another volunteer came in for the last 1/2 hour I was there. It was nice to have another "helper." The time went by fast and went well. Takara came in at the end of my tutoring session and answered the questions that I had at the begining.



Today was my first day of volunteering. I'm going to be a basic skills tutor at the Minnesota Internship Charter Center in Northeast for students wanting to complete their GED.


I had sat down with Takara (volunteer and organizer of the tutoring program) and she told me that the students will be going on a college visit and that we will go over the orientation packet. We went throught the orientation packet and then she gave me a tour of the building and also introduced me to other teachers and volunteers.

My first impression of the area and school was that I felt a bit intimidated but after meeting the majority of the faculty and volunteers my nervousness had gone away. They were all extremely kind and offered their availability to any questions or concerns that I may encounter.

Before meeting with Takara, I was asking myself questions about how I would help these students, could I help these students at all? I guess I felt unprepared and inexperienced. Sitting down with Takara and going over the orientation packet really answered my questions and fears. Takara and I talked about scenarios and that helped me alot.

One thing that Takara talked about that frightened me was that some students might get into a fight and I was informed not to get involved and to go get security. I have never been in volunteer tutor and that was eye opening. It was great information to know and thought that this volunteer posistion was going to help me come out of la-la land and step into reality.

I feel really great about this posistion and am excited to, not only help as much as I can, but also learn from this experience. I think that this experience will definitely help me grow and give back instead of always taking and doing what is comfortable.