December 18, 2004

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god, too many scribbled notes to even think about entering here- one to revist from the moment- instigating shared moments, collective memory- the way to undo the idea of needing knowledge about something, the 'proof' of experience it wouldn't exist. does media facilitate the creation of false memories, blur that line between remembering something that you lived in reality or lived through somehting else. like vivd dreaming? what counts? false memory syndrome. you can't believe that you rmember something that you don't know exists. you can't bleieve you remeber the process until you have knowledge of that process. will first hand accounts matter less. will it all just be accounts?
also- lack of dpeth/dimension had been really bothering me. creating scales for things seems problematic in that you are only able to measure things that you imagin exist- 1st hand or 2nd hand you can;t measure something if you don't know it exists. do you risk simplifying things beyond any true meaning? how silly it must seem for grad professors, i am sure they have to deal with grad studnets asking these same questions every year though that doesn't lessen my desire to get over that feeling. i would rather just buy into the idea that it isn't just a house of cards. that i will ever be able to figure soemthing out for real. qualitative and quantitative are both necessary but are they enough? 2-d for measuring multi-dimensional. i don't know.

Posted by leig0028 at December 18, 2004 1:17 AM