October 21, 2004


hmmm...media source vs. interpersonal communication- when does it change. if you feel like youknow someone from their web page or weblog or whatever, is it personal yet? what about if you have interacted with them? what about interacting with others about them? does your perception of them being a 'personal' acquantiance equal messaging from them is personal?

so yeah, this is all i really have to talk about anymore. i doubt i will even know how to have normal interactions with my friends by the end of the semester. grad school bonds are strange and bonding is all about just going through this experience in a fairly closed off environment. i'll be glad when i at least know what to expect or the work finally levels off. i don't ever seem to stop reading or writing or grading or talking about how annoying/stressful everything is and i am still behind. and what the hell am i even going to do when i am done? get another job like the one i already had and quit? i can't really think of anything in my field that i would rather do. does this mean i will have to try for the phd so that i can take the out of teaching? time to go to sleep and maybe i will have another dream that will get some of this out of my head and free up space for tomorrow.

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October 20, 2004


let's see- odd dream about giving a presentation and then my professors asking me to help them with a research project but the project required that i find images of children in pyjamas (sp?) which seemed fine at first, but then i realized that it was kind of creepy and i had to decide if getting to work on a research project with my professors was worth it if i had to possibly aid one or both of them being perverts. So then I went to the street that i used to live on to meet a photographer to ask her opinion, she was in the middle of an assignement where she was photographing very pregnant women, topless, in the middle of the street. It was kind of weird and i realized that she may not be the best person to ask about this whole thing. when i woke up and remembered my dream, the weirdest part about it was that it had been a great time! i wanted to go back to sleep and continue it. Was it because i was told that i had good ideas in the dream? whatever. in comparison the day was very disappointing, but just in comparison to the dream. seriously, i need to dream more, i do at least feel like my head got a little break.

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October 14, 2004

notebook scribbles

self-confidence as predictor of media trust, less selective the lower confidence- because media is being sought to reflect ones self so if less concept/trust in self then less likely to look for media that reflects it
-partisanship v. media brand name as indicator of credibility/trust
-luxury of non-confidence- because so much info we can afford to question, also more exposed to conflicting messages (cost analysis or confilct resolution)
-blogs/daily show/thnic/alt- the literary digests of today?
-candidates as 'team' rep- if they screw up, YOU cringe, same with brands (?)
--Identification with media producers-means that your defenses are relaxed? They will filter/analyze like you
-Feel a bond based on similarity, expression,opinions, selectivity, partisanship, quirks, all info computes as thing that would make th other (source) view the world in a way like you might, so view of internal similarity leads to seeing external in same way which leads back to internal lowering of defenses
-find evidence of importance of quirks, oddities, unique feature (unique brand propositions?)
-brand=product as set up for human interaction (takes on human personality/characteristics)
-Is the ease of information (finding/digesting/congruous/partisan) more important than the information itself
-uses and gratifications- what purpose do people have for exposing themselves to messages
-Internet users tend to have less trust in govt...if don't see self represented, won't trust media, will trust (conferred) to those that DO rep (understnad) you and show that you are real
-Survival of species, forwards your 'type' and therefore if you overpower mainstream sources of media (power relationship) than it devalues mainstream media and raises your (representative) media
--or is it to have them filter sot aht you can rest...or because they don't profess neutrality while not seeming to have it (liars)...intent to persuade makes less credible
-with more coverage blogs/blog culture will change
-everyone's a star- if see self as media producer does that mean more or less latitutude when perceiving other producers
-Identification and reward behaviors
-producer effects- when you feel that you can produce media (or interact to the point that you are a main actor in the production) how does that change the way you relate to media?
-3rd parties in power relationships- ex. doctor/patient how does that change if sought out by patient or if the patient already feels that a disease/condition is the one in power- more willing to cede power (not resent) in relationship?
-where is the tipping point (power differential) for brands? when does the customer is in charge end and the brand doing something have power over the indiviudal?

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yayy laptop...

now i can actually get stuff done- or at least not have an excuse to not get it done. matt is sleeping. he would call me such nerd if he ever saw this even though it is just like a little notebook that is accessible wherever...he will probably see it sometime since i accidently put it on the bookmark bar instead of in the drop-down menu.
other...i realized that i am just injexting way too much info without really sifting through it- that is why my first assignment was such a disaster- not many could explicate their concpet in such a way as to only make it more confusing and less defined but i managed to be that person.
it is kind of freeing to be totally out of the running for superstar status. my class hasn't really defined the stars/smartypants yet and there is
other...authorless environment- i agree that it is coming...again is ture enough but i think that with such a producer/creator/interactor culture that the self will become the referent point for credibility and judgement- merits of the text will be interpreted in that way, not to some larger text standard.
in as much as you can see some part of yourself or your point of view (opinions, etc) then it will be in the accepted range.

school is drving me crazy. too much work, not enough people worth collaborating with. my 8001 group is so smart i just wish that we all directed our thoughts in the same way. yeah yeah good stuff in other viewpoints, but working on a semester project with people who totally interpret articles nad theories differently does not a good experiment make. i have a feeling they think the same. hopefully stuff will get all figured out there.
8501- you'd think phd students would be so much mroe together and on top of everything- i am the lowly 1st year masters and i feel like i am doing way too much of the reading, etc. maybe they have just figured out the info overload/vomiting it all up and its all mixed an none of it makes any sense or is even worth trying to salvage.

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October 12, 2004

Ok...need to stop gathering information and start reading/writing. Let's see....identification- based on history/experiences (shared/common), oddities/quarks (uniqueness), expression, opinions, values, beliefs. ID with those that reflect you. imagined/idealized you vs. reality of you. clone theory- if you had 10 you's you could have so much more time to do things just for fun as they do the drudge work- partisan media where the creators are incresingly becoming known (and therefore relatable) entities, they will get more trust because they can act as a filter/analyzer- they will do your clone work. I fit matches idealized of 'best' you than all the better. Oddity/unique will allow them to filter in a way others may no know how to do.
I have to go. I need to learn time management.

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October 10, 2004


Ok- priming and creativity, do highly creative people prime things differently?
Identification- with brand, characters, politicians. Media we Id w/, points of view we ID with- implications of known (obtrusive) v. unknown idenity/identification.
ID with things differently when more self-aware? internal v. external locus of control and identification. Self-aware ads more likely to id with (they're in on the joke- Scream movies, etc)?

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why not

well i was going to wait until after the elections to start one of these....mostly i just need to keep track of my own thoughts instead of scribbling things down on random surfaces and then never being able to find them again. whether this will save me time/effort or simply be an additional time sucker (like the cable tv thing) remains to be seen

After all the library one didn't work two years ago....

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