April 18, 2007

journal new!

So, this piece is something i am really enjoying. I love the note progressions and such. It is also interesting thinking about why my stomach was moving... i think its because i wasn't taking enough breath. I am in a situation when i am not sure what i want to do next semester. I am interested in being able to sing, but i am not interested in being a singer. Does that make sense? I want to be able to do everything obviously, but singing is one of the most basic things. If you can't sing and dance what fun is life? Basically, there is a show in spring semester next year that is a musical.... and i would love to be in it, as i have never been in a musical. I am thinking... should i take voice lessons? they are 2 credits and thats fine... but from experience with this class... i am NOT a huge fan of repeated practice... i am more of a wing it kind of person. I would like to know how much work would have to be put in... id rather most of the time be working with someone else. Also... it would make it 17 credits... how much of a time commitment is this? THings to think about...

April 2, 2007

Monday 4-2

I have discovered a little bit of a ting in my voice. I want to try to apply it for my next song. I am very interested in the huge vibrato forte parts. I would really like to push that.

March 29, 2007


I tried out a few songs. I didn't really get a good grasp on them though, because i am not a very good sight reader... even with the piano. I would need the mp3s for them. I also tried nino precioso a little more. I really like that song. I woudl be interested in performing it... even if it is a llittle on my high end.

March 27, 2007

chap 8 and test

I picked up the music from you... but it would be great if i could get the mp3 soon... so i can practice effectively for it.

the questions i posed are the same i posed in class.

Today i had really good falsetto, as i did last night. I had kind of a crackily voice over the weekend un fortunately. After class today, my voice also cracked a little. Early mornings are rough on my voice.

I think it is imperative that i work on this next piece a lot...

Chapter 8 Quiz

IN YOUR JOURNAL, answer the following questions: (Note – this is going to
be graded separately from your journal reflections on Chapter 9)

1) The Pharynx is divided into three parts (see graphic, p 75) Give the
"layman's names" for these parts. Then for each of the three parts,
identify what bones, muscles, and soft tissue affect them, change their
shapes, and therefore, change their tone. (15 pts)

nasal, mouth, larnyx pharynx.
nasal pharynx is very much effected by the soft palate and muscles connected to it. The nasal cavity also plays a part.

The mouth area, or or oropharynx as well as the laryngopharynx are effected by the epiglottis and cricoid cartilage. The mouth cavity greatly effects the sound.

2) Explain your understanding of the following terms: Placement, Focus,
Space (6 pts)

Placement refers to where you feel the noise going... like your forehead or whatever... laser beam!
Focus is coordination of breath flow and vibration for maximum efficiency in sound.
Space refers to where the voice is traveling.

3) Explain how both internal and external acoustics affect the singing
voice. (4 pts)

Internal acoustics can effect the voice quality and efficiency of the singer, while the external acoustics can effect feedback to the singer as notes and sounds are either heightened or subdued.

March 5, 2007

2 days till duty

I have been rather relaxed with my practices on this song... and it has made me think very much about my priorities. I saw Caroline sing today, and recalled my passion for the music. It is true, that i had little time during my weeks in my show to practice, but i coudl have made at least a little more time. I am very interested in singing a german song! one that is very emotional... i think i really love the german language, it is quite beautiful. What is opera like i wonder? I don't know anything about any of this stuff haha, i just know i like to sing. Do i have a voice capable of performing? I am not sure, i guess time and teaching will tell. The truth is, sometimes i make up musical theater in my head. Sometimes i even make up songs in other languages (though of course, i dont actually have a grasp on the language). well... wednesday should be interesting

February 21, 2007

Mostly with my singing, not much has changed. I have had little time to practice being in a show right now... i hope this isnt a recurring trend. I also had a week off... which is nice and not so nice. We shall see what happens

February 5, 2007

Journals for chapter 2 and 3

I am not exactly sure what im supposed do for this journal... so i figured i would just talk about my progression with my singing. I have gotten practice rooms, and now am utilizing the ideas of both chapters 2 and 3 to progress... as well as mostly chapter 4. I have found, that i feel i truly am at the beginning of my journey of singing. I know i have experience... but this is the first step in truly taking singing seriously. I still need to purchase a tuning pipe and a menometer or whatever... but i will get around to that. I have learned the notes on the piano! That is good... maybe ill actually be able to play piano at least a little bit someday. I have noticed my interest in theater has gotten much greater, and therefor i want to study some musical theatre songs. I hope that i will be able to do this. On my voice recorder... i sounded terrible. Let's try harder this time!