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Journals for chapter 2 and 3

I am not exactly sure what im supposed do for this journal... so i figured i would just talk about my progression with my singing. I have gotten practice rooms, and now am utilizing the ideas of both chapters 2 and 3 to progress... as well as mostly chapter 4. I have found, that i feel i truly am at the beginning of my journey of singing. I know i have experience... but this is the first step in truly taking singing seriously. I still need to purchase a tuning pipe and a menometer or whatever... but i will get around to that. I have learned the notes on the piano! That is good... maybe ill actually be able to play piano at least a little bit someday. I have noticed my interest in theater has gotten much greater, and therefor i want to study some musical theatre songs. I hope that i will be able to do this. On my voice recorder... i sounded terrible. Let's try harder this time!