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2 days till duty

I have been rather relaxed with my practices on this song... and it has made me think very much about my priorities. I saw Caroline sing today, and recalled my passion for the music. It is true, that i had little time during my weeks in my show to practice, but i coudl have made at least a little more time. I am very interested in singing a german song! one that is very emotional... i think i really love the german language, it is quite beautiful. What is opera like i wonder? I don't know anything about any of this stuff haha, i just know i like to sing. Do i have a voice capable of performing? I am not sure, i guess time and teaching will tell. The truth is, sometimes i make up musical theater in my head. Sometimes i even make up songs in other languages (though of course, i dont actually have a grasp on the language). well... wednesday should be interesting