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April 18, 2007

journal new!

So, this piece is something i am really enjoying. I love the note progressions and such. It is also interesting thinking about why my stomach was moving... i think its because i wasn't taking enough breath. I am in a situation when i am not sure what i want to do next semester. I am interested in being able to sing, but i am not interested in being a singer. Does that make sense? I want to be able to do everything obviously, but singing is one of the most basic things. If you can't sing and dance what fun is life? Basically, there is a show in spring semester next year that is a musical.... and i would love to be in it, as i have never been in a musical. I am thinking... should i take voice lessons? they are 2 credits and thats fine... but from experience with this class... i am NOT a huge fan of repeated practice... i am more of a wing it kind of person. I would like to know how much work would have to be put in... id rather most of the time be working with someone else. Also... it would make it 17 credits... how much of a time commitment is this? THings to think about...

April 2, 2007

Monday 4-2

I have discovered a little bit of a ting in my voice. I want to try to apply it for my next song. I am very interested in the huge vibrato forte parts. I would really like to push that.