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What is built environment? Is it only all the structures of the buildings around us? Everything around us affects us either we want it on not. In my understanding the architecture is an important aspect of it, but it is not all. Another aspect of the built environment is the society, which has a greater impact on shaping someone’s personality than architecture. In Russia, where I from, it is easy to see if a person is from rural or urban area, by the way he/she dress, talk, and behaves. People from different places have differences because they are affected by different societies. Therefore, society plays a big role in shaping people into the way they are. I did not grow up in a big city. When I went to Moscow for the first time, to me it looked very busy, big, and easy to get lost in. I realized that people of Moscow are different in the way they talk and behave. Moscow has many connections to different societies because it is attached to the outside world by an international airport; a lot is going on over there; people from different places and of different cultures influence the society of Moscow. There I had an opportunity to experience one of the greatest Russian architectural achievements, Moscow’s underground metro. It impressed me and inspired to study architecture.
I visited Russia after living in US for 7-8 years. I felt differently this time; I’ve changed. The experience I had in American cities made me more confident and knowledgeable. Therefore, the environment of US was shaping me throughout the time I lived here and obviously affecting the way I feel, think, percept, and behave. The world’s image I hold is changing or building up in a result of all experiences, just as Boulding is talking in reading 9. A changing knowledge contributes to an overall image I hold and governs behavior. We are constantly receiving messages from everything around us and most of them impact us and shape into who we are.1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg