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Blog 8 & 9

I want to respond to the goal seven, ensure environmental sustainability, presented by one of the honor groups, and to goal one, eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, by one of the groups in my section. Firstly, I think these two are the most life impacting topics. Both were pretty interesting and well presented.
I find it very cool that group that was presenting goal 7 focused their efforts on problems in state of Minnesota. The examples they brought up to show the ways to better the Riverside Plaza, low income housing neighborhood, are environmentally friendly and some of them are achievable. Two ways that stood out to me are installing water reuse systems that would save tons of water and money, and using solar energy. However, I don't think these buildings worth many other inputs and affords the group was talking about. Their intentions were good, but it would cost too much.
A heart breaking goal-one presentation really captured my attention. It was the saddest presentation of all. I never heard of people who eat dirt to relieve the hunger before. One local organization of Minneapolis was presented as the main focus of the presentation; much research was done on it. This organization helps starving people around the world, by sending them food, chicken rice meals. This presentation reminded me how much I have, comparing to the poor people who have nothing to eat, and how thankful to God I should be for this.