Analysis: Reformers Aim to Get China to Live Up to Own Constitution

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In the New York Time's feature, "Reformers Aim to Get China to Live Up to Own Constitution," the author chooses to not summarize the entire "who, what, where, and when" components of the article in the lead. Instead, the author goes beyond the basic news lead and starts the story off with a lead that will grab the reader's attention.

The author starts out summarizing the historical background of the current events detailed in the article. The story is about how reformers in China are trying to liberalize the country's often authoritarian political system. Their main strategy is to promote enforcement of the Chinese constitution.

The lead explains why and when the Chinese constitution was written in a single sentence, it outlines that its creations came in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution and that its purpose was to enshrine individual rights and ensure that the country's leadership was subject to the law. This sets up the idealized hope for rule of the law in China that the rest of the article explores

The lead uses strong active verbs such as "Write," "ensures," and "suffer" and sells the article by explaining the historic precedence behind why reformers in China hold constitutionalism in such high regard. While readers might not know what some of the things mentioned in the led, such as "the Cultural Revolution," or the historical importance of them, the lead is structured in a way makes the basic gist of what the story is about easy to grasp.

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