Lawsuit Declared in Workplace Shooting Deaths

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The family of a man slain in Minnesota's deadliest workplace shooting is suing the Minneapolis company where the attack took place, new sources report.

They allege that Accent Signage Systems should have known that the shooter, Andrew Engeldinger, 36, was potentially dangerous when the company leadership decided to fire him, the Star Tribune reported.

Six People were gunned down at Accent Signage's Minneapolis office last year, according to an Associated Press article published by Minnesota Public Radio News. Among them was Jacob Beneke, 34, whose family is now suing.

The lawsuit, according to the Star Tribune, claims that Accent Signage was grossly negligent and that the shooting was "reasonably foreseeable" based off Engeldinger's past misconduct and violent tendencies. It cites inadequate security as a major factor in the tragedy.

The wrongful death suit also names Engeldinger's estate as a co-defendant. Beneke is survived by his parents, wife, and 6-year-old son, who are seeking at least $50,000 in damages, MPR reported.

Engeldinger's parents have claimed that their son was mentally ill but refused treatment, according to MPR.

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