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Former Thatcher Opponents rally in London

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Over 200 people rallied in London's Trafalgar Square to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher, a former British prime minister who died earlier this week, news sources report.

Thatcher's most strident critics, including former coal miners who had clashed fiercely with her during her 11 years in power, had vowed to hold a gathering in central London following her passing, Al Jazeera reports.

Billed by as "the party of a lifetime" the gathering, said to have been planned by left-leaning activist in the event of Thatcher's death decades ago, failed to attract a massive crowd in the cold rain, Reuters reports.

The group of jovial Revelers chanted slogans, danced to drums and loud music, and waved banners bearing messages such as "Rot in hell Thatcher," Reuters reports.

Almost as many police gathered at the scene, expecting a larger crowd, according to Reuters. The gathering remained largely peaceful, with only five people arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and attacking police, Al Jazeera reports.

Thatcher's legacy in Britain, always a controversial matter, was only intensified with her death, according to Al Jazeera. Her supporters credit her with helping end the Cold War and reviving Britain's economy after decades of decline, while her opponents accuse her of putting millions out of work with her radical individualistic free-market reforms.

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