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Health and community

In a previous blog I questioned how community benefits health. I have since thought of an excellent example: Alcoholics Anonymous.
AA is a perfect example of a community formed exclusively for the purpose of treating disease. Started in 1935, AA was a last ditch effort to cure the incurable, alcoholics like Roland H., who were told there was no treatment for them other than a “vital spiritual experience.?
Roland was referred to the Oxford Group, a popular religious movement at that time. He and his friend Edwin T. found the strength in this community to overcome their hopeless problems with alcohol, and then turned to their friend Bill W., who was also suffering from unsuccessful treatment of a progressing problem. Bill W. is known as the founder of AA.
Today, AA has support groups in cities not only throughout the United States but throughout the world. It’s foundation of the 12 steps are used in numerous support groups to help people overcome their addictions before the addictions overcome them.