Analysis: Follow Up

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on Feb. 1 that a woman attempted to mail a living puppy to Atlanta, and was charged with animal cruelty.

The Tribune briefly summarized the details of how the postal clerks discovered the dog and what happened to the woman and the dog in three short paragraphs following the lead. The lead of this story focused on the fact that the woman was charged for what she did.

One day later, the Star Tribune wrote a follow-up story about the dog, named Guess.

This longer story contained more quotes from police and employees from the post office. It also had more chronological details about the events of finding Guess.

The story also provided more detail about the woman's charges.

The lead in the follow-up story was not a typical hard news lead, and was worded strangely. However, the second paragraph contained more information that the lead lacked.

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