Analysis: Multimedia

The multimedia sections of the Star Tribune and the Washington post do not differ so much in the types of multimedia they have as they do in the quantity and quality of the multimedia.

The Washington Post multimedia site has many photo galleries, videos, documentaries, podcasts, and an interesting link called emerging voices that gives pictures, sounds, cutlines, and statistics from different countries.

The photo galleries are always accompanied with a cutline, usually one to two sentences long. The first sentence always describes the action of the picture, while the second elaborates on the story if needed. The writing is tight and precise, but gives enough information to tell the readers a story.

Picture galleries that focus on a specific topic have a link to a story about that topic which complements the pictures and basically summarizes the cutlines in the form of a story.

The Star Tribune multimedia site has more local information. This site also has videos, audio, pictures, and graphics, but they mostly cover local information. The graphics it has show maps and graphs about local information.

The videos have a related contact link that sends you to an article about the video. The article contains many quotes from the video and basically summarizes the video.

Like the Washington Post, the photo galleries in the Star Tribune multimedia site have cutlines with one or two sentences that explain the pictures and give only extra needed information.

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