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Middleton Prepares for Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, her future brother-in-law, rehearsed for the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey Friday morning.

Prince William could not attend because he was working in Wales, NBC's the Today Show reported.

The night before the wedding, Middleton chose to stay with her family at The Goring, a hotel near Westminster Abbey, the Washington Post reported.

The two will marry on April 29.

Planned Parenthood Stumps Budget Negotiators

The federal lawmakers must agree on budget cuts or parts of the government will begin shutting down.

Budget negotiators agreed to cut $38 billion over the last six months, but the plan cannot move forward until an agreement is reached about women's health, the Miami Herald reported.

Republicans want to cut $300 million of federal money to Planned Parenthood, an organization that aids in abortions and sex education, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Planned Parenthood does receive government funding, but does not use it for abortions.

Dodgers Fans Attack After Season Opener

A San Francisco Giants fan was critically assaulted Thursday in the parking lot after the Los Angeles Dodgers season opener.

Los Angeles police asked for the public's help Friday to identify the victim's attacker, the Daily Breeze, a southern California newspaper, reported.

Two unprovoked Dodgers fans attacked and assaulted three Giants fans, kicking and punching them, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested at least two people on charges of public intoxication, compared to more than 130 at last year's season opener.

Elizabeth Taylor's Private Funeral Started 15 Minutes Late

Elizabeth Taylor was laid to rest Thursday at a private funeral service at Forest Lawn in Glendale, Calif.

The service started 15 minutes late, per Taylor's request, the International Business Times reported.

The movie star was buried in the Great Mausoleum near her friend, Michael Jackson, USA Today reported.

Taylor died Wednesday after being hospitalized last month for congestive heart failure. She was 79.

Gov. Walker's Bill is Passed Through the Senate

Protesters rallied in Wisconsin's Capitol Wednesday against the bill passed that takes away the collective bargaining rights of many state workers' unions.

The Republicans removed all fiscal aspects from the budget bill so they could legally pass it without the presence of the Democrats, who left the state in protest, the New York Daily News reported.

The bill is expected to pass through the state Assembly Thursday and go to Gov. Scott Walker for signing. Democrats, however, will be working furiously to find a way to slow down or stop the final passage, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The bill passed through the Senate with a 18-1 vote.

Unemployment Rate Drops to 8.9 Percent

The unemployment rate dropped to 8.9 percent in February after employers added 192,000 jobs.

The new unemployment rate also resulted from a large amount of workers returning to their jobs after January snow storms forced them to stay home, the Washington Post reported.

Private employers, manufacturers, business services, and healthcare all added significant amounts of jobs, while government cut jobs, the Los Angeles Times reported. times

Although the number of jobs increased, the average workweek remained 34.2 hours, and average pay was still $22.87.

Virginia's General Assembly agreed Thursday that abortion clinics in the state should be regulated as hospitals rather than doctors' offices.

First-trimester abortions, which are now considered medical procedures that can be performed in a setting such as a physicians office, will be performed in hospital-like settings under the new bill, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

These rules could shut down 17 of Virginia's 21 abortion clinics, the Washington Post reported.

Supporters said this bill will improve the quality of care provided to women, but opposers believe it denies women the rights they earned in Roe v. Wade.

Wisconsin Democrats Boycott Bill

Police searched for missing Wisconsin Democratic state lawmakers who claim to have left the state on Thursday.

The Democrats boycotted an anti-union bill that one senator said is tearing Wisconsin apart, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

The Democrats left to slow down the bill and push Republicans to talk about changes. The Senate cannot vote on the bill without any Democrats present, USA Today reported.

The bill would change workers pay and healthcare benefits, and decrease the power of workers unions.

Many Wisconsin schools closed because hundreds of teachers called in sick to go to the Capitol and protest.

Egyptian President Mubarak Resigns

The newly freed Egyptian people broke into cheers in Cairo's Tahrir Square after President Hosni Mubarak suddenly resigned Friday.

Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman announced the president's resignation on state television, CBS News reported.

The Egyptian military planned to run the country temporarily until they decide on a new plan of action, ABC News reported.

Mubarak's historic resignation came 18 days after protests began in Egypt and at the cost of 300 lives.

Husband of Congresswoman Will Lead Shuttle Mission

Gabrielle Giffords' husband will continue training for his space mission in April while his wife recovers from a shot to the head, BBC reported Friday.

Mark Kelly trained as the Endeavor's commander, but took time off after the Tucson, Ariz. shooting to care for his wife, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Kelly said his wife's condition continues to improve and she undergoes rehabilitation therapy in Houston.

After preparing for over 18 months, Kelly felt ready to carry out the two-week space station delivery mission which will take place in April, the Boston Herald reported.

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