10 dead and hundreds wounded after violent clashes between Cairo police and protesters

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Ten people were killed in Cairo Sunday during violent confrontations between security forces and protesters, said a health ministry spokesman Dr. Adil al-Dawi, CNN reported.

More than 5,000 demonstrators gathered in the capital over the weekend in protest to the slow moving revolution and fear of military dictatorship, Mail Online reported. According to CNN, at least 1,114 people were injured.

Hundreds of Egyptian army and police forces moved into Tahrir Square on Sunday, pushing out thousands of protesters using physical force, tear gas and rubber bullets, CNN reported.

Other protesters retaliated by throwing rocks at the police line and chanting, "You are not legitimate," Mail Online reported.

While the government's Cabinet insisted police did not use live rounds against demonstrators in Cairo, protesters display rubber bullets they said had been fired at them by government forces.

Although most of the violence in the square subsided after dark, confrontations continued to erupt on nearby streets, CNN reported.

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