California campus police on leave after pepper-spraying incident

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Two police officers have been put on administrative leave by the University of California at Davis after a video of them pepper-spraying non-violent protesters at point-blank range Friday caused outrage amongst school officials, CNN reported.

"I am deeply saddened that this happened on our campus, and as chancellor, I take full responsibility for the incident," UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi said in a statement Sunday. "However, I pledge to take the actions needed to ensure that this does not happen again." CNN reported.

According to USA Today, a law enforcement official called the use of force "fairly standard police procedure."

The video shows officers pepper-spraying a line of about a dozen sitting protesters as they flinch and cover their faces but remain peaceful with their arms interlocked. Onlookers yell at the police to stop and chant, "Shame on you." USA Today reported.

Ten protesters were arrested and nine of the students hit by pepper spray were treated at the scene. Two were taken to hospitals and later released, USA Today reported.

According to CNN, the police had been trying to clear out a protest encampment affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The University's faculty association blames much of the incident on Katehi and has asked her to resign but Katehi feels she has not violated the policies of he institution and has no plans to resign, USA Today reported.


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