Large growth in number of newborns addicted to mothers' prescription drugs

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There are a growing number of babies being born addicted to prescription drugs ingested by mothers abusing the substance during pregnancy, USA Today reported.

According to Bradenton News, one out of every three women who experience an unplanned pregnancy tests positive for prescription drugs like OxyContin and Vicodin.

Although national statistics on the number of babies who go through withdrawal are not available, scattered reports show that the number of addicted newborns has doubled, tripled or more over the past decade, USA Today reported.

Bradenton News reports that in 2010, the Maine Medical Center in Portland treated 121 babies dependent on prescription drugs, while in 2001 they only treated 18 babies, nursing director at the Family Birth Center, Geri Tamborelli explained.

USA Today reports that according to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, the number of babies with withdrawal syndrome in Florida went from 325 in 2006 to 1,374 in 2010.

Rita Chamberlain, coordinator for the Manatee County Substance Abuse Coalition who estimated about 400 babies in the Tampa Bay area were born with prescription drug addiction symptoms, thinks the situation has reached "crisis" proportions, USA Today reported.

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I am a Maternal Health Coordinator for opiated addicted mothers. I have been working in a methadone clinic counseling these patients for over ten year. I can truly say, that I have personally seen the huge increase in babies born to addicted mothers. What I find most surprising is that this issue has been in existing and now all of a sudden people are waking up and seeing this is truly an issue. WOW!!!

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