Protesters take to the streets in Spain

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Spanish protesters took to the streets of Madrid on Sunday, calling for social, economic, and political change ahead of the general elections, Fox News reported.

According to CNN , the march went past the Prado museum and ended at the Puerta del Sol Plaza, where economic protests began last May.

The demonstration, which consisted of around 2,000 protesters, was smaller than the one held October 15, when around 10,000 people marched in Madrid when Occupy Wall Street-style protests were spreading around the world. However, the smaller gathering doesn't discourage protester Esteban Guerrero, 25, CNN reported.

"Each demonstration is not just one more," Guerrero told CNN, "Many young people and workers take part. Some are bigger than others but what's important is that thousands turn out each time."

CNN reports that Guerrero also said that he thinks people keep coming out onto the streets because while it's necessary to vote, it's not enough.

The protesters who participated in Sunday's march plan to participate in a forum where they will debate proposals made by citizens of different initiatives, Fox news reported.

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