Saber-toothed squirrel-like fossil found

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A fossil resembling a small saber-toothed squirrel has been found in Argentina's province of Rio Negro, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The extinct mammal, known as Cronopio dentiacutus, lived among dinosaurs more than 94 million years ago and belongs to the lineage that has given rise to the placental mammals and marsupials species we know today, CNN reported.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the mammal had long narrow teeth, a narrow snout and large eye sockets that indicate that it had the ability to see well at night.

According to CNN, scientists believe Cronopio dentiacutus was an insectivore. Their teeth, which came down below their chin, appear to be specialized for cutting, crushing and puncturing small insects.

Coronpio dentiacutus inhabited the flood plains of Argentina, now a desert area in Patagonia, and would survive by avoiding being eaten by small carnivorous dinosaurs, or being stepped on by large dinosaurs, CNN reported.

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