Geezer Bandit Strikes again

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An elderly man, known as the Geezer Bandit, struck again last Friday at a Bank of American branch in downtown San Luis Obispo Calif., ABC News Reported.

According to ABC News, in this last attempt, the bank teller gave the Geezer Bandit a bag of money and a hidden dye pack that exploded has he left.

While rushing away from the bank, the Geezer Bandit also dropped a small address book, which may greatly assist in police investigations, ABC News reported.

According to ABC News, The Geezer Bandit has been on a bank robbing crime spree for the past two years in Southern California and has robbed a total of 16 banks. Most of the robberies have occurred in San Diego County.

The Geezer Bandit is described as 60 to 70 years old and often wears a blue-colored blazer, dark pants, and a baseball cap.

The man's wrinkle-free hands have police wondering whether the Geezer Bandit is actually a younger man or woman in an elaborate disguise, ABC News Reported.

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