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Three American students detained in Egypt return home

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Three American students have arrived home this morning after being arrested during the Egyptian protests, ABC News reported.

According to ABC News, the three young men, Derek Sweeny, 19, Luke Gates, 21, and Gregory Porter, 19, were put in jail after being accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at police.

During the violent protests, security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters, ABC News reported.

Sweeny, a student at Georgetown University called the first night of being arrested the most freighting night of his life and returning home the happiest moment of his life.

"Going to the protest was a decision I would have regretted not making, however, certainly I should have stayed farther away from the more violent scenes," Sweeny told ABC News.

"Existence is beautiful," Sweeny told ABC News on his elation to have returned home safely.

13 killed in fire at transgender gathering in India

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At least 13 people have been killed and more than 40 have been injured in a large fire that broke out at a transgender gathering Sunday in New Delhi, CNN reported.

CNN reports that the fire was possibly caused by an electrical short circuit and that there were thousands of participants packed into a venue at the gathering when the fire broke out.

According to the Indian Express, eyewitnesses said it was around 7 p.m. when they heard a loud noise and saw the roof of the venue's tent on fire. Loud blasts were also heard as LPG cylinders near the cooking area burst.

Another eyewitness also reported that there was only one exit through which to escape and many were trapped inside as the fire spread, the Indian Express reported.

Protesters take to the streets in Spain

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Spanish protesters took to the streets of Madrid on Sunday, calling for social, economic, and political change ahead of the general elections, Fox News reported.

According to CNN , the march went past the Prado museum and ended at the Puerta del Sol Plaza, where economic protests began last May.

The demonstration, which consisted of around 2,000 protesters, was smaller than the one held October 15, when around 10,000 people marched in Madrid when Occupy Wall Street-style protests were spreading around the world. However, the smaller gathering doesn't discourage protester Esteban Guerrero, 25, CNN reported.

"Each demonstration is not just one more," Guerrero told CNN, "Many young people and workers take part. Some are bigger than others but what's important is that thousands turn out each time."

CNN reports that Guerrero also said that he thinks people keep coming out onto the streets because while it's necessary to vote, it's not enough.

The protesters who participated in Sunday's march plan to participate in a forum where they will debate proposals made by citizens of different initiatives, Fox news reported.

Brazilian police force seize Rio's largest slum

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Hundreds of Brazilian police, navy commandoes, armored military vehicles and helicopters overtook Brazil's biggest slum in Rio de Janeiro Sunday in an attempt to clear it of its drug gangs, BBC News reported.

The Star Tribune reports that according to authorities, it took only 90 minutes to seize control of the area and no shots were fired in the process.

This ambitious operation was an effort to increase security before Rio hosts the final matches of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Rio has more than 1,000 shantytowns that are inhabited by one-third of the city's 6 million population, the Star Tribune reported.

According to the Star Tribune, officials said that the success of the operation was made possible by months of intelligence gathering and the arrest of one of the slum's top drug lords, Antonio Bonfim Lopes.

While some Rio residents are pleased with the operation, other local people report excessive violence or abuse of authority and are unsure as to whether the takeover of Brazilian Special Forces, known as BOPE, will be a good thing, BBC news reported.

Saber-toothed squirrel-like fossil found

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A fossil resembling a small saber-toothed squirrel has been found in Argentina's province of Rio Negro, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The extinct mammal, known as Cronopio dentiacutus, lived among dinosaurs more than 94 million years ago and belongs to the lineage that has given rise to the placental mammals and marsupials species we know today, CNN reported.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the mammal had long narrow teeth, a narrow snout and large eye sockets that indicate that it had the ability to see well at night.

According to CNN, scientists believe Cronopio dentiacutus was an insectivore. Their teeth, which came down below their chin, appear to be specialized for cutting, crushing and puncturing small insects.

Coronpio dentiacutus inhabited the flood plains of Argentina, now a desert area in Patagonia, and would survive by avoiding being eaten by small carnivorous dinosaurs, or being stepped on by large dinosaurs, CNN reported.

TV and DJ presenter Jimmy Savile dies at the age of 84

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British veteran TV and DJ presenter Jimmy Savile died in his home on Saturday at the age of 84, the BBC News reported.

According to the BBC News, Savile is best known for his TV and DJ work in the 1960s, '70s and '80s, but is also well known for the charity work he did; running 200 marathons and raising over $50 million for various charitable organizations.

The Guardian reports that Savile was the fixer of childhood dreams in his 1970s TV show where thousands of children wrote to him hoping he would grant their wishes.

Savile had a larger-than-life personality and was widely recognized by his trademark tracksuits, tinted glasses, cigars, and catchphrases like, "Howzabout that then" and "Now then, now then...", the Guardian reported.

Savile, a native of Leeds and the youngest of seven children, started out as a dance hall DJ in the 1950s before establishing himself as a broadcaster on Radio Luxembourg, the BBC News reported.

According to the BBC News, Savile acted as an unofficial advisor to the Prince of Wales for a number of years and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1990 for his charitable services.

Verdict on Mosley case delayed

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The French court's verdict in the suit of former world motorsport chief Max Mosley against a British tabloid that accused him of taking part in a Nazi-themed orgy has been delayed until November 8 for technical reasons, reported the New Zealand Herald.

According to Reuters, this is Mosley's second suit against Rupert Murdoch's News Group. In the first case, Mosley sued for a breach of privacy in British court after the News of the World published a front-page story in 2008 showing photographs of Mosley with five prostitutes.

Mosley won 60,000 pounds in damages and 450,000 pounds in costs, reported Reuters.

The New Zealand Herald reports that his current case charges News Group in France of violating his private life and defamation by distributing the newspaper containing the images.

If successful, Mosly could be awarded up to 2000,000 euros in damages, the New Zealand Haerald reported.

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