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Journalists facing "unlawful assembly" charges from RNC won't be prosecuted

The Minnesota Independent reported Sept. 19 that St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman's office announced that morning that journalists cited by authorities at the Republican National Convention for "unlawful assembly" will not be prosecuted by the city attorney.
This statement specifically refers to those journalists who were "swept up" in the massive arrests during protests in St. Paul during the first and last days of the convention (The Minnesota Independent).
It is not certain how many people this announcement includes, but according to The Minnesota Independent, nearly 50 of the more than 800 people arrested or detained were present to cover the convention. St. Paul City Attorney John Choi said that all of the cases of those arrested or detained will be reviewed individually.
Charges against "Democracy Now!" host Amy Goodman and two of her producers were dropped after their cases were reviewed. However, Choi said, “What defines probable cause for an arrest is different from what defines probable cause for a charge. … We have to look at whether we can succeed at court."
Mayor Coleman said in regard to the policy regarding journalists at the RNC, “This decision reflects the values we have in St. Paul to protect and promote our First Amendment rights to freedom of the press. … A journalist plays a special role in our democracy and that role is just too important to ignore.?
The statement also acknowledges the need to use a broad definition for journalists involved in the arrests as professional media is drastically changing.