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Milwaukee Brewers first time in playoffs since 1982

The Brewers defeated the Chicago Cubs 3-1 Sunday, winning the NL wild card, reported the Associated Press.
CC Sabathia pitched a four-hitter and Ryan Braun hit a tiebreaking homer in the eighth inning to beat the Cubs.
Less than a half-hour after the Brewers' win, the New York Mets lost to the Florida Mariners, allowing Miwaukee to win the NL wild card. Milwaukee (90-72) and New York (89-73) had gone into the final day of the regular season tied.
The Brewers will face Philadelphia in the first round of the playoffs. This will be the Brewers' first time in the playoffs since 1982.
Last year, the Brewers lost a big lead in the NL Central and were facing another loss this year after going 3-11 late in the season, leading to the firing of Ned Yost with two weeks left in the season.
After clinching the wild card, streamers and confetti fell from the rafters of Miller Park stadium and fireworks went off in the outfield.
Breweres principal owner Mark Attanasio said in a television interview, "I tried to visualize what this would be, and nothing could describe it."