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Franken, Coleman are neck and neck

A new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll shows DFL candidate Al Franken with a slight lead over Republican Sen. Norm Coleman among likely voters, 42 percent to 38 percent, reported the Star Tribune.
The poll has a 4.1 percentage point margin of sampling error.
Independent Party candidate Dean Barkley slipped three points to 15 percent in the Minnesota Poll.
The outcome of the Minnesota U.S. Senate race will likely to be decided by the candidate who can win the most voters from third- party contender Barkley. Performances in Sunday's final debate on Minnesota Public Radio, heavy voter turnout or ongoing fallout from breaking campaign controversies will also determine the outcome.
Coleman recently charged Franken with breaking the law by allegedly airing falsehoods in his ads. Coleman himself is facing questions about two lawsuits alleging that his wealthy friend transferred $75,000 to him from a Texas company through his wife's employer. Each candidate denies the accusations.
Both events were publicized midway through the period that the poll was conducted, Wednesday through Friday.