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Joy ride kills three

The Star Tribune reported the driver of a Corvette two-seater received felony charges Friday after a crash killed three friends riding along.
The four twenty-somethings were wedged into the two-seater Monday evening when the car left a Wright County country road and crashed. Driver Stephen Dooher was pinned behind the steering wheel for 12 hours and his three friends were thrown from the car and killed.
Dooher, 22, of Waverly was charged with two counts of criminal vehicular homicide for each of the three victims: Andrea Northern, 23, of South Haven; Michael DeMars, 22, of Maple Lake; and Derek Kammerer, 22, of Maple Lake.
The families of the dead are divided on whether Dooher should go to jail.
"Steve's a phenomenal kid, and we'll do everything we can to help him," said Howard Kammerer, Derek's father.
He said that his family and the DeMars family place "absolutely no blame" on Dooher for the crash, adding that "nothing will be gained by sending him to jail."
Shelly Lidster of Anoka, Andrea Northern's mother, said, "Somebody has to pay. There was no reason for four people to be in that car."
"The initial deputy on the scene smelled alcohol on his breath," Wright County Attorney Brian Lutes said Friday afternoon, adding that Dooher "gave a statement ... that he admitted to drinking."
Results from tests to determine his blood-alcohol level should be received by county authorities in about 30 days, Lutes said.