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Milwaukee teacher accused of selling drugs

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, 25-year veteran Wauwatosa East High School teacher was arrested at his City of Pewaukee home on suspicion of drug possession, police said Tuesday.
City of Pewaukee police Lt. Jack Kopatich said police suggest the teacher, Roger K. Payne, 47, be charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a drug trafficking house and obstructing an officer.
Payne called police Nov. 20 to report a theft of $1,500, naming a 21-year-old man as a suspect in the theft from Payne's condominium on Wild Oats Drive.
When detective questioned the 21-year-old about the missing money, he told police that Payne regularly hosts parties for underage people, including former students, according a police report. He told police that party-goers would smoke marijuana or use mushrooms and cocaine at Payne's residence.
The suspect admitted he entered the condominium, but said he did not steal the money. According to the police report, he did admit to taking a bag containing a quarter-pound of marijuana and a glass jar containing marijuana.
Police searched Payne's condo Nov. 20 and seized $6,400, four bongs, four glass pipes, numerous bags of marijuana, a magazine about marijuana and four pornographic movies that might have underage actors, according to a search warrant affidavit returned in Waukesha County Circuit Court.
When asked about the theft, Payne admitted he lied about the stolen money to avoid reporting that the marijuana was taken, the warrant says.
Payne teaches math at Wauwatosa East. The district is working to find a long-term substitute teacher to take over his classes, Wauwatosa School District spokesman Chris Preisler said.