Which language to learn?

I was reading an article on slashdot, and I was angered by the writers comment: I also feel that I am going to come out of school not having the expertise required in a single language to land a good job. The most important thing the education gives you is the knowledge of concepts that is applicable to any language. It is far more frustrating to tell someone to use a quicksort, and get a blank look, than to tell them to use the built in 'xyz' function and get the same blank look. Not understanding what a specific piece of the language does, is fixable by a google search. Not understanding how an algorithm performs is fixed by a 15 week college course.

As an employee that teaches students what they need to know to work on projects, I would rather teach you what perl's bless does, than to teach you how objects work, and why you should use an object.

The writer of the main slashdot article is only concerned that he doesn't know a single language well enough to do any work, when it is far more important to know how to do the work, and then to learn the tools that the project manager has chosen.

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