don't be a n00b

In June I gave a talk at yapc about how not to be a noob (slides).

I just found out that one of my very first projects that I had at the U of M was retired and replaced with a similar system re-written by a student (just like when I wrote it). The problem with this is that they missed the most important thing they could have done.

They should have asked me what I wished I had done differently. As a result they made a lot of the same mistakes that I made. This is really disappointing. These students had full time employees monitoring them, and they never were directed to seek my assistance.

I will reiterate one point that I talked about in June:

Learn from those around you with more experience. That experience counts for something, and you can re-learn it, or you can learn from them, and create a better product.

I am not the only developer they could have talked to, and they should have talked to someone, but instead they recreated the bad design that was in front of them, because they didn't ask if there could have been a better design.

There is always the possibility that there is something I am not considering, but none the less, I am disappointed.

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