Why I like being a programmer!

I don't often think about why I like to program, so I figured I would put some reasons here as to why I like programming.

  1. I like creating solutions to problems.

    I like the design process of defining the problem(need), finding the solution, and creating that solution for someone.
  2. I like hard the sciences.

    Unlike those with Liberal Arts degrees and the fields that they go into, either my software works, or it doesn't. You cannot argue with an error log showing crashes. Measuring success at certain points in the development cycle are fairly simple: there was a bug, now there isn't, or "We need a function that takes x, does y, and produces z". These things are very measurable, and very gratifying to complete.
  3. Technology.

    Lets be honest, I like technology and gadgets. I like seeing hardware prompting innovation. I like ideas where something simple like GPS on a phone is suddenly used in social networking, or combining the phones camera with the gps, compass, and tilt sensor to create new ways of viewing the world with photo/social networking.
  4. I get to meet people.

    Because of my usage of Perl, I have met several interesting people from the Perl community. Some of these people have lots of clout and name recognition, and some don't, but equally as intelligent and interesting.
  5. I can work from home.

    Because I do all my development in Perl, and all the tools I use (Apache, emacs, Perl, mod_perl) are open source, it is very easy to put all these things on a laptop and go home and work from there. Because of things like Strawberry Perl I am not even required to have a linux machine or a Mac. I can use pretty much whatever hardware/software I have at home (and I do!).
That's all that comes to mind right now, but as time goes on, I will think of more, and maybe I will have a 'remake' of this blog post in the future.

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