Friday Frozen Perl Update

Frozen Perl is coming along, but I keep procrastinating and hitting snags, that make me feel like we are getting behind schedule. To make it all worse, I need people outside our group to fix some of these snags, instead of assigning these tasks within the group.

First, The original for our Sponsorship PDF has been lost so our graphic design person needs to re-create it, and so I wait.

Second I cannot log into the ACT servers any longer, and I don't really know why. Is it because my Private key doesn't match? was my account deleted? is there a server problem?). These same folks also need to create the conference in ACT. So I must patiently wait for them.

Third ... I haven't personally  used ACT before, so I need to do some learning. However #2 prevents me from testing anything.

However there is a bit of good news I have a bit of help coming from Duluth from Ted, who answered my previous post where I asked for volunteers. (Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to answer that, so that was a pleasant surprise).

So, here I am patiently waiting for other folks to do their jobs.  To be perfectly clear, no one is slow at this point, I just was not ready to have the problems that I am having.

Goals for next week:
1. have sponsorship letters OUT
2. Have access to ACT and have a preliminary FP10 website running (complete with registration).
3. have a start on the call for speakers.

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