Frozen Perl goals, one week later

Last week I had set some goals for organizing Frozen Perl 2010, and I am glad to see that I both  goals. This is significant, because I needed someone else to help me do each of these tasks

The first goal was to get access to the website and learn enough about ACT to get the webpage up and running. I have done this, and I have sent the email off to have the test pages copied to the production website, so hopefully by the time you all read this Frozen Perl 2010 will be a working website.

The second goal was to have our sponsorship prospectus ready to mail out, and thanks to Drew on our planning committee, It has been completed and is ready to mail out.

My goal for next week is to have all of my sponsors contacted, and at least 50% of the rest.

This has been a productive week for Frozen Perl I hope to see you all here in February!

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