Perl vacation/the usefulness of version control/Frozen Perl update

This week I have taken a needed mini vacation from work, and I needed it more than I first thought.

During this vacation, I have gotten my main laptop back to working condition as its hardrive failed while I was traveling to Pittsburgh for YAPC::NA. Getting the laptop working with a fresh install of Mac OS X is like getting a new laptop. I have installed GIT so I can look at MST's code for IronMan. Also, I am currently installing an array of CPAN Modules so that I can develop on my pet projects again.

It is nice to not have to do any work on a computer unless *I* want to do it. I really needed the break.

I am really glad I took that backup of my laptop right before going to YAPC. Effectively I lost nothing, because after the backup I didn't do anything that wasn't in version control.

Frozen Perl is moving along, we are finalizing our letters for sponsorship, and I am hopeful to get them out before the middle of next week.

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