Frozen Perl Call for speakers

Hello all,

I am writing to advertise to all of you that Frozen Perl 2010 will be on Saturday, February 5-7, 2010. on the University of Minnesota campus Please register, come and have some fun with us.

We are also offering a hackathon on Sunday, and two classes on Friday one taught by brian d foy , and "Introduction to Moose" by Dave Rolsky.

The call for speakers is open and I'd like to see presenters from outside of our local PM group. Check it out and submit a talk.

If you are concerned about the weather in Minnesota in February, there is a hotel that is connected to our venue by underground tunnel: After you arrive, you won't have to go outside unless you choose.

Please pass this information on to your employers/co-workers/fellow students, as they might also like to attend.

If you or your business would like to sponsor Frozen Perl 2010, please contact me, or visit .

Thank you

Leonard Miller
Frozen Perl 2010 coordinator

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