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I did it!

My first post was six months ago, and I haven't missed a week since. I am an Iron Man.

Here's hoping MST has to give a talk in a terrible color. I am hoping for either florescent orange, or avocado green.

Either way, I look forward to yapc2010, and I hope CandyBar has the help he needs to pull off a good workshop.

Merry Perl Christmas!

I hope you all enjoyed your day and had some quality time with someone you love.

I have enjoyed the Perl Advent Calendar, and I hope you all did too, and that we all learned a bit from it as well.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.

Problems with

I recently did a Mac OS X update on a computer that has my travian helper program. Now, what you need to know about my travian program, is that it is a CGI::Application program that uses TT, and Class::DBI (no comments on this please).

After my Mac os X update, I was getting the error: "Storable object version 2.13 does not match $Storable::VERSION 2.21 at /System/Library/Perl/5.8.6/darwin-thread-multi-2level/ line 253."

Now while the problem *seems* obvious, the solution does not,  My was the most up-to-date version available from CPAN, and I couldn't find where/what was requiring 2.13.

On a hunch I tried updating DynaLoader, and then Storable. But both were already up to date.

So gasping for straws, I did a force install on Storable, (making sure all the tests passed), and behold, it worked.

I don't entirely know what the problem was, but I found the solution, and hopefully someone else will stumble upon this blog and find a solution that works for them.

Frozen Perl Schedule is up

The schedule for Frozen Perl is finally up. It feels nice to finally have the schedule up and people registering for the workshop.

If you are interested in registering, remember that the price doubles on January 2nd.

Frozen Perl Schedule

Tomorrow we will review the Talks for Frozen Perl and create a schedule. I look forward to having this step of the process behind us.

I will post an announcement here once the schedule is up,

Frozen Perl Call for speakers is almost over!

The Frozen Perl 2010 call for speakers is open for 3 and 1/2 more days (closes Midnight CST Monday, Dec 14th). If you have a talk you would like to submit please do so quickly.

If you are concerned about the weather in Minnesota in February, you can relax, as our venue is attached to a hotel via underground tunnel.

If you are only interested in attending, please register soon! The early bird deadline is January 2nd. After the 2nd of January the prices will double, and if we order T-shirts, we will use the number on January 3rd.

What would you do?

I currently have to convince a manager why an open source program that I use on a daily basis is just as good as the closed source application that does the same thing, except that we pay for it.

This issue is not so much about the individual products, which is why they are not named, but more about the mindset that it can only be good if you pay for it. The school of thought currently employed is that since we have the site license, we can use it without regard to cost (the university wide site license is paid for by someone else's budget).

This is just a minor frustration that I have encountered, and I was wondering what other people have done in this situation.

My fear is that once we start depending on the closed source software, the University will be unable to stop paying for the site license, because there are now actual legitimate users. If they re-evaluated and we were the only people using the tool, then we would incur a real (sizable) cost for everyone.

Frozen Perl sponsorship

Currently there are two pieces of Frozen Perl that are in the works: First is the Sponsorship letters need to get responses, and the second is the call for speakers is open.

I will write emails this weekend to announce the close of the call for speakers. I really hope we get enough good talks to cover the needed time. I however am a worry wart. Between Dave Rolsky, Steven Lembark, and myself, we probably have enough talks to cover the entire workshop. So I Probably don't need to worry.

If you are interested in giving a talk at Frozen Perl 2010, please submit your talk. We would love to hear you speak.

If you are interested in sponsoring Frozen Perl 2010, just contact me, or the frozen Perl team:

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