I'm very excited right now

I have been working on <a href="http://www.frozen-perl.org/mpw2010/">Frozen Perl </a> for seven months now, and we are very much on track for what we need to do to pull off a successful workshop. 

That however has nothing to do with why I am excited. On Monday this week I met with our caterer for Feb 6th in our venue I noticed they were adding a wing onto the building (Yes, we will have Lunch!). So last night I was looking at the website for our venue, and I found that our venue is adding two other conference rooms capable of seating an additional 130 people.

This makes the venue now big enough for a YAPC audience.

I'll say it again just because it makes me smile:
The venue we like is big enough to host a YAPC. :)


If we can pull the bid together, we won't lose. Another city might still win the bid, but not because our bid was too weak, but because theirs was actually better.

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