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YAPC 2011 Minneapolis bid

Unless I can find a serious individual to take charge of a 2011 bid, there will not be a bid for Minneapolis in 2011.

I have accepted a new position outside of the University, and while their image is important to them, I don't expect to be able to put all the effort necessary into a YAPC bid while starting a new job, as well as taking care of the details in June ...

This is why, if you were expecting an email from me regarding planning of the bid, why it hasn't happened yet.

I will not cancel the reservations I have until I know a little more, but this is now an orphan project looking for someone to adopt it.

Frozen Perl 2011 will likely happen the same as this year, unless something else changes.

Leonard Miller

YAPC organizing

I am a little slow to start our bit for YAPC::NA 2011, but not to worry, I will be sending something out tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you all for your patience

Frozen Perl is wrapped up.

Thank you to everyone who helped me put together Frozen Perl 2010. I would like to put out a special thank you to CPANEL who  sponsored us at the platinum level. I would like to thank our other sponsors: Holmes corp, Manning, Apress, and O'Reilly for helping as well.

I had a good weekend, and I am ready to get back to my day-to-day job.

Frozen Perl starts today

I hope you are coming to Minneapolis tomorrow to Frozen Perl!

The Classes are today, If you are in one of the classes why are you reading this? You should be paying attention to brian or Dave. 

Come join us virtually if you cannot join us IRL

The weather this year is a little colder than the last two years, so this might be the first workshop that is actually below the freezing point. We are also looking at a fresh coating of snow right now, but nothing as horrible as the east coast.

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Frozen Perl Limited seats left

We have set a cutoff limit in ACT that will keep the number of registrants less than or equal to the number of meals we have ordered. I hate to do this, but it really comes down to me not wanting to tell you that you cannot eat. If you show up, I won't charge you, but you won't eat either.

at the time of this writing, there were still five seats left.

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